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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Tires that are worn more than normal and cupping, is a problem most motorcyclist deal with some time or another. Most of the time this is usually caused from low air pressure, or failing to keep the right air pressure in your tires. But his is not always the cause.
Cupping is something that is actually normal. Excessive cupping or a whole lot of wear on one side or the other isn't.
There are at least seven causes for cupping and uneven wear on the front tire besides high or low air pressure.
1- Most roads are banked away from the centerline, so if you ride straight up or vertical the side of your tire thats the closest to the middle of the road wears more.
2- Your tires flat spot or scuff when you force a speed change with them. The rear tire scuffs when you gas the motorcycle and when you brake hard and everytime you ride in a way other than straight ahead, for this reason the rear tire usually has even cupping as compared to the front which only scuffs or flat spots when you brake.
3-Alignment isn't a problem with motorcycles most of the time but it can be.
4- Carrying more weight on one side than the other whatever the load may be can cause you to ride your bike in a slight lean and cause uneven wear.
5- Having your TRAC or anti-dive set unequally can cause uneven tire wear
6- If one of your front shocks is busted you will have uneven tire wear.
7-Overusing your front brake will cause you front tire to cup excessively.

Monday, October 22, 2007

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Learning to Lean

I guess there are two reasons that make people want to keep their bikes straight up. They're scared because they've already had a wreck, going to slow into a turn and they hit their brakes or their scared because their afraid they will let the motor die in a slow turn and they will let the bike fall over. In a slow turn you must never hit your brakes. Start practicing in a parking lot, turn the handlebars all the way to the left and all the way to the right and practice taking off that way, practice putting your feet on the pegs as fast as possible. Soon you will realize you can take off with ease in either direction, slowly and surely. Just never hit your brakes in a slow turn, get the bike as close to vertical as you can before you hit your brakes. The center of gravity is very low on a motorcycle, you can lean a long way without dumping yourself at highway speeds. You can safely lean a motorcycle until the pegs scrub the ground, as long as your going 25 m.p.h. or more. Just keep your head vertical, whenever you think you've leaned all you can, give it a little more gas (not less) and lean a little more. Play with your clutch, letting it in and out, see how slowly you can go in a straight line. Never use your brake in a slow turn, just your clutch. Just get in an empty parking lot and practice, soon it will be second nature and you'll be flying through curves and loving it.