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Friday, December 7, 2007


Submitted by ad Staff on December 4, 2007 - 2:37pm.
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Motorcycles are very popular among the youth as they offer a fun way to ride, are economical to maintain, and give a chance to experience freedom while driving. At the same time, they are more prone to accidents than cars. Hence it becomes important to buy motorcycle insurance. Before venturing out on the road, it is essential that you carry minimal cover, according to the government rules. With so many insurers offering different motorcycle insurance policies, you need to shop around to find a policy with the lowest premium. If you are in the process of buying motorcycle insurance here are some useful guidelines to buy the right policy.
What does motorcycle insurance premiums depend on?

Motorcycle Insurance premiums are decided based on the following factors; riding experience, age, market value of the bike, type of bike e.g. cruiser, touring, sport, sport or touring, your residence locality e.g. crime-infested areas will attract higher premiums, size of the engine like under 500cc, 500-750cc, 750-1000cc and 1000 or more, mileage, any training on motorcycle driving and number of years you have been insured.
How should I buy the cheapest motorcycle insurance?
Since many companies consider motorcycles to be a high-risk mode of transport, they tend to charge a higher premium. But still you can save money by shopping around. Get an insurance quote from a few companies and compare the rates. But it does not mean that the cheapest quote is also the best. Take a motorcycle-riding course to lessen the premium charges. The premiums attracted by older, slower vehicles are far less than those charged on new models.
What are the types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?
· Liability in an accident to insure others against damages;· Passenger liability to cover injuries and physical harm to people in the car;· Uninsured motorist, which protects you against drivers with no insurance;· Medical expenses caused in an accident;· Collision and Comprehensive, covers the costs incurred on repairing or replacing your motorcycle and also against fire, theft and vandalism are the common types of coverage’s.
Besides, you can also insure to protect against any changes done to the bike and its equipments. If you are a beginner, start with a good, simple motorcycle insurance policy. This will increase your chances of getting advanced policies later on, besides saving your money.
By: Bill Buchanan
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